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The night

Wide awake drinking tea.

It's 2am, deary me.

The bones are aching,

the cough is relentless

and I'm feeling rather restless.

During the day, the hours fly by

and the sun moves quickly over the sky.

Before you know it's in the west,

it's time for bed, time to rest.

But not tonight, my bones are saying.

It's time to write, get the neurones racing

around your brain and keep them moving.

That way you'll get to feel alive,

face your fears and yet survive.

Life is good, when you live it.

Savour each moment, no regrets.

Mistakes made? Change course, move on.

Buy that dress, hug your kids. Give them memories of you, so that when you're gone they can say-she did her best, as they lay you to rest.

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