The time is right

As my swan song looms, I evaluate my life.

For forty three years, I worked, often too much;

where have the years gone? I don’t feel sixty.

Time is relentless; she can’t be stopped.

Mortality is looking me straight in the face;

she is telling me to enjoy life and worry less.

I nod in agreement, and decide to reduce my pace.

As I walk, I will enjoy each step, let go of stress.

Vanity has left me; apparently I let her down-

I didn’t wear my make up to her satisfaction.

I stopped using mascara when it hurt my eyes,

and I didn’t worry when I went up a size.

Pride is no longer around-she has moved on;

I cried, admitting that I’m not that strong.

I opened my heart and acknowledged my frailty;

and accepted the fact that I’m not a beauty.

Humility is hanging around my place,

hoping that soon I’ll see her face.

She blends in and waits to be invited

into the fold and not derided.

Life gives us chances to make a difference

to those in need, the poor and helpless.

I hope that I manage to do my bit,

make the world a nicer place to live.

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