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The year of The Rat

What an apt description of 2020; lock down, recession and PPE

Made everyone captives of the powers that be

Go to work, stay at home, don't wear masks and then they are classed as essential

in fighting the good fight against the invisible enemy

Hypocrisy reigned in the united kingdom, with the high heid yins thinking they were above the law. Going to Barnard Castle for an eye test, or travelling to London when they were symptomatic.

Medical staff flouting the rules with visits to Fife.

Compromising their position and losing their job. At least she resigned, unlike that yob

who steered the rules only to break them, giving the middle finger to all the nation.

'We're in power, just do as you're told. We got Brexit done because we were so bold

as to lie to the nation about what we would gain, from leaving the EU, and not remain

in a system that gave us freedom of movement and allowed the poor room for improvement

with grants and access to study abroad and protection from scoundrels who rip us off.'

Sovereignty is everything, but just for the rich, with their shell accounts abroad and procurement of contracts that transfer wealth from the treasury to the tax avoiders.

I hope that I live long enough to witness the re-entry of Britain into the community of nations, called the EU, the levelling body, which helps to promote some kind of equality

between the rich and the poor; the north and the south. It's not perfect, but it saved us from louts like the ones who conned their way into Downing Street, with blatant lies and promises they wouldn't meet.

I once read in the Cosmo, don't shag a Tory, because if you do, it will become rather gory.

This government has done us in so many ways, so to speak, hurting the poor and punishing the weak.

Mr Reece Mogg with his Christian values-read the scriptures you shit, and you'll see

that the poor and the needy should always be

looked after by the church, and not just the believers. But the outcasts and aliens and even the gleaners.

As a Christian, I feel so ashamed of our leaders in power and the things they have changed.

To make themselves even richer counting it in the millions; what does it matter if we hurt the civilians.

'Lets clap the NHS, but don't ask for more money. Be grateful you're living in the land of milk and honey.'

Over the years I've realised that inside the church is no different from the tories. The accumulation of wealth is merely dressed up in sound bites.

I know when I can smell a rat-Bo Jo and his cronies are definitely that.

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Jan 05, 2021

100% agree Nancy 😊

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