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Turn off the light as you’re leaving

Who left that light oan? Get a fucking grip!

Ye canny dae that these days, so flip the switch.

The laissez faire establishment are on vacation

They don’t care about the poor of this nation.

Billy Connelly talked about the ‘duvet’ coat, used

by the poor in the absence of blankets to keep

the weans warm on those winter nights.

Oh how we laughed, not thinking it would return to bite.

Poverty isn’t funny when it’s in the present-

it highlights the inequality in our society.

The haves and have nots-labelling the poor

as lazy cheats, parasites, work shy and dour.

Spaffer loves to tell us that there are lots of jobs,

implying that people don’t want to work.

Pay them the proper rate, mate-give them

back the right to a fair pay for a days work.

I remember my mammy choosing between heating and eating;

crying on a Sunday, from hunger and desperation.

No money till the Monday book was cashed- and the milk snatcher

Thatcher had robbed children of the vital source of calcium.

Those were shameful days, but here we are, same issues;

food banks, charity shops and soup kitchens have replaced

youth clubs, baby clinics and school coffee mornings.

The nation has entered a period of mourning.

No right to protest; do as you’re told-don’t be so bold,

as to think and question the ruling class-they know best.

While you worry about making ends meet, they heartily eat

the subsidised meals paid for by you- their drink is subsidised too.

And in the wings-the wannabe Thatcher, promising to cut tax;

well I’ve got news for you dizzy Lizzie-the poor don’t earn enough

to pay tax. And the other git, pishy Rishi- planning to rehabilitate

those of us who are not British enough, who dare to speak words

of truth and criticise the establishment and the monarchy, who won’t

accept the deception of fascism and totalitarianism. We demand better.

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