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What a gal! Missed by millions

They’ll be here today, better get to work. Floors cleaned,

beds made up; I can’t remember when I last

worked so hard, for free-really, it not like me.

Time to stop, have a cuppa, have a pee.

The music make it easy to move, sort the place.

Nancy, you are a life saver, especially when

you wish it would rain, and dance at the five and dime.

You make me want to ride that ford econoline.

The world really is poorer, without you in it,

to sing those songs about every day living.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re still singing,

giving it your all, with the saints harmonising.

As quickly as they arrived, they’ll be gone in

the morning, on the proverbial jet plane.

Back to Strasbourg or Brussels, moving onto

their next adventure in their crazy lives.

It’s been a fast few days, no time to stop

and wonder why we do what we do-or not.

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