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What Is Love?

What is love? Where is love?

Is it a feeling that you can't describe?

Does it make you man and wife?

Adolescents grow up looking for love

In places that only bring grief

The big blue eyed hunk of the football team

Or the voluptuous beauty queen

Beauty and sex appeal eventually fades

As we all get weary with age

One day we wake up and smell the coffee

To find that the hunk or the beauty is horrid

Because of their nature, which always considers

that only they matter, above any other

So look to yourself to find what you're worth

You're lovely, you're special and sweet as a dove

Love yourself first and then others will see

You're pleasant, you're loving and sweet as can be

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Nov 06, 2020

What can I say.... your writing tugs my heart strings ❤️

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