What's in a flower?

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

What’s in a flower? Beauty, colour, and food

for the busy bee who goes about from tree to tree;

making apples grow, and helping farmers reap

a bumper crop and give the country food to eat.

And yet we fill the brown field sites with concrete-

no wild flowers to bolster the hives that help

the farmer thrive; allowing him to maintain a life

he loves, in way that avoids using pesticides.

So let’s enjoy the beauty of the wild flower- don’t

replace it with a high tower, boxes for habitation.

Instead, improve the current housing stock;

avoid ‘the end justifies the means’ approach.

Enjoy the public space and do your bit

to help maintain the needs of it-pick up litter,

don’t vandalise-take the time to realise

the parks are there to give respite to all.

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