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What's so special about Sturgeon? 16/2/2023

This anadromous creature has completed her journey;

Gone as far as she can, now she’s feeling hungry.

Hungry for life, family and friends, and to live again,

she’s decided it’s time for a new face at the realm.

Swimming upstream for eight long years, and

during that time there’s been snotters and tears

from Labour, the tories and the Lib Dems alike.

Many times she’s said-yer aw talking shite.

Let’s review her achievements, through a red voter’s eyes.

What are the peaks and glens of her meteoric rise?

She raised Scotland’s profile, brought progressive taxation

and united this often divided nation.

At a cost, some would say, we’re stuck in this union,

Westminster causing us pain, like a longstanding bunion.

Love her or hate her, she’s changed this country,

made us proud to be Scottish, made the poor less hungry.

Where has she fallen short of her best?

She insults her opponents, when put to the test.

‘Poundland Ruth’, and ‘the same old questions’

tarnished her image and conveyed sour intentions.

I’ll always vote Labour, this much is true,

but I admire her achievements as many do.

As a woman she’s had to endure such hate

and misogyny that keeps women ‘in their place’

She’s bucked the trend, left of her own accord,

in other words fallen on her own sword.

The scandals will come, there is no doubt-

the ferries, the bottles, giving the greens such clout.

From one woman to another, I say one thing-

life’s not a dress rehearsal, dance, get up and sing.

Enjoy your family, live life to the full in the knowledge

that you’ve made a difference, in the political world.

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