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When all's Said and Done

What a year, and most people are glad it's over.

Personally, I saw the New Year in sober

with all my colleagues who had to work, while others stayed at home,

some having lost someone dear but the selfish could only moan

about how they couldn't get to the celebrations

or spend time with their relations.

Because of the covid folks have become so introspective,

wondering how Britain has become so small minded and isolated

We're free to trade with all the world on our own terms

without interference from the Germans and French;

'How dare they tell us what to do? We won't have it anymore, we're free.'

Yes, free to erode the work conditions of the ordinary people, the Equality Act is pee wee.

Colour blindness and the gig economy is the name of the game,

discrimination and prejudice and apportioning blame

to people with no right of reply, or legal aid to question why

their families have no food to eat, while rich bastards can drive by

the food banks and wonder what these people do with their cash

that they need to degrade themselves by putting out their hands

for donations of food and 'luxury items'; sanitary products, toiletries and even loo roll.

I remember 1972, visiting Martha Street welfare store to get a new pair of shoes

as my mum had no money to allow me to choose

the same shoes as all the girls in my class, or buy extra socks instead of having only one pair

which she washed every night for me so that no one would stare

and say that I was a pauper with my dirty clothes.

She did her best after all she had lost;

her husband in prison and she's all alone

No help lines then, in fact not even a phone.

This was before we were in the EU, when things got better for me and you.

So don't tell a lass who's lived through that time

that we're better off out and that things will be just fine

Maybe for the rich who have stashed their money away from the tax man

in a tax haven; Curacao, Jersey, Ireland or even the Isle of Man

I didn't think the tories could top Thatcher's policies or be more heartless

But Bo Jo and his cronies have surpassed her, as they've reaped in their harvest

of tax payers' money and property deals.

It took a footballer to shame them into providing free meals

for the children in need and the isolated

What a bloody mess this government has created.

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Jan 01, 2021

Fantastic brother would love this. As always gifs are spot on 😊

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