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When honesty goes missing

The treasury has been looted…by corrupt and greedy tories;

A transfer of wealth, back to those who need it least.

Even Thatcher at her worst could never match the thirst

of these Machiavellian thugs, that rob the country’s purse.

As Sunak dresses up his place with swimming pool and tennis courts,

he robs the poor of twenty pounds; pushing them further underground.

As they sweat and toil to feed their kids, and farmers have to cull their pigs,

Rishi says there’s no more cash to plug the gap; get a job, get off your arse.

Burner phones, the hiding place of gangsters, is now the norm for

heads of state who wish to dodge the gaze of those who watch and wait

for sleaze, corruption and evil doing; their arrogance is overwhelming.

When will decency and honour prevail, and put these criminals in jail?

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