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Where Do I Start?

She sits down at the table, wondering if she will be able

to put pen to paper, complete that task; it's not really that much to ask.

Creative writing sounds fairly simple, put your imagination down and it will be ample. She's realising that it's not that simple; techniques are learned and practice essential.

Write every day, even if it's trash. At least this shows she's having a bash.

Dig deep down to her own emotions and memories

remembering times with friends and enemies

The hurts, the laughs, the curses and blessings

will all contribute to her written message

No experience is lost when she writes it down

That smile from a child, a boss' frown

all helped to make the person she is and wants to be.

A friend, a lover and a mother of three.

To sum it up, life is how she frames it; a victor or victim is in the detail

To the reader

Take what life throws at you and make it matter

and don't fall for the arsehole with the really good patter

who will drain your resources and leave you empty

Remember, you are important and and your talents are many

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