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Silent, standing in the corner of

my sitting room, she looks away,

feeling neglected and abandoned; as if to say,

‘Please let me stay. I won’t make you play,

even though we had such fun in earlier days.’

Ruby red and very grand;

she looks so elegant on the stand,

in the corner of my sitting room.

She used to make my heart go boom

When I first saw her, I knew

that she was the guitar for me;

lovely sound, with her own tuner and

before I knew it, I owned her.

Sitting there for several years

in the corner of my sitting room,

she gets dusty from neglect, until

a kind soul picks her up to play a

tune or two. She belongs here, in that corner.

People ask me if I play; I say,

'Not any more, I don’t have time.'

So Ruby sits in the corner of

my sitting room, wishing she

was cherished by this heart of mine.

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תגובה אחת

11 בפבר׳ 2021

Neec to give her some love ❤

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