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Faith, hope and love

A cat is born knowing 

that it is worth it

Only the best will do; 

doors to sharpen claws, 

bowls of fresh food

Faith such as this is 

seen only in cats 

A child gazes upwards 

in wonder at the moon

He shrieks with delight 

as he counts the stars, 

but there’s too many; 

he can only count to ten

One day he’ll do it

A woman is born hoping, 

as she manoeuvres 

through the maze of life

As she grows, 

the demands of others 

sap her strength; at times 

her hope seems spent

A man without hope is a dead man

A young man hopes that he can, 

and that keeps him alive

The older man remembers 

when he could, 

and hopes for another chance 

to re-enact times gone by

A dog looks at its owner 

with gratitude and love

Happy to be petted, 

sad when she leaves

How can it be that a 

dog has agappe*, 

even in the face of adversity?

*Unconditional love

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