A View From the Window

The buses pass by and sometimes stop

Letting passengers off at their regular drop.

I sometimes feel that I know these guys

As I sit at my window and they all pass by

I wave to their weans as I drink my tea

As they walk on my wall full of glee.

The cat's by by my side 'cos I'm on her chair

If she could, she'd be saying, "It's just not fair"

The street's not so busy; the pub is shut.

Where are the men, in their garden hut?

Tier three for Glasgow so there's nowhere to go

Not even your pal's house, 'cos Nicola says no.

"When will this end?" I have to ask

But at least the kids can go to their class

And learn about history, English and maths

Walking home with their pals, having a laugh.

But all of us old yins have to content

with a face time or phone call till this virus is spent

Vaccine, hurry the f**k up!

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