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Before you Go

Updated: May 25, 2021

Get a life and live it to the full;

you never know when it ends.

Don't fret or worry, have fun;

a walk in the park enjoy the sun.

Spend time with family and friends;

walk in the rain, throw snowballs.

All things comes to pass-sadness and joy;

the four seasons, and loved ones.

I say to you-owe no one anything-except

love; kindness costs nothing and you may

unwittingly entertain angels. Don't

miss the blessing that comes from giving.

That colleague who gives you grief might

be sinking or struggling with life; take the

time to ask if things are alright-and mean it.

One day you might need a helping hand.

Be remembered for your kindness

and your sense of humour. Before you go,

build up your treasures of generosity.

make others smile, and do no harm.

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