Dae as Yer Telt (teenage life

You will be home by ten o’clock

Or your pocket money will stop

Your record player confiscated

You’ll do the chores you’ve always hated

The toilet, the dishes and the dirty stairs

They’re stained and covered in your dog’s hairs

And less of your cheek; don’t talk back

Or I’ll be taking your new duffle coat back

You don’t deserve it for your cheek

In fact you’re grounded for a week

It’s your fault that yer da ran away

And came back a different man that day

He used to be nice and lots of fun

But now to the pub he always runs

You don’t clean the living room the way I like

And as for your ironing, what a bloody site

You ask me why I’m so rotten to you

Wee greeting face Mary, boo hoo hoo

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