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Don’t Die (Before You’re Dead) A tribute to Yevgeny Yevtushenko (18th July 1932-1st April 2017)

The school bully terrorising the others

And they’re too frightened to tell their mothers

If mums go up to the school

The kids have broken the unwritten rule

Of what happens in the playground stays there

Or you’ll get battered by that ugly bear

In the guise of a classmate who really cares

There’s always one, usually bigger than the rest

Who walks about with a puffed up chest

taking sweets from the younger kids

Unless they have a big brother or sis

Who’ll say get your hands off him

Or you’ll see the bottom of that bin

And that git at work who forms a clique

Picking on others that they deem weak

As long as you let them they’ll run the show

And tell everyone how it’s gonna go

Don’t try to fit in just to be part of the gang

Stay away from the badness as much as you can

Be yourself, no one else, be kind and always mind

Each dog has its day In its own special way

Bullies are cowards who pick on the weak

Just look at history and you’ll hear it speak

Hitler, Stalin, Pinochet and many more

Terrorised people over and over

Don’t be afraid to stand up to evil

Their time will come, of that you can be sure

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