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Encounters of the heavenly kind

Grace, joy and peace

What is it about this woman, who evokes

such emotion and happy memories of times gone by?

It’s not her voice, or her face, although both are very pleasant,

and her wisdom exudes from her very pores

She’s not called Ann or Nancy, but her name has a certain ring to it;

Winifred, a name not much used in our modern times,

and this suggests a certain amount of demureness,

with a bagful of humility thrown in, just to confirm

that she is indeed the kind of woman

who would be a wonderful gran

And yet, I wonder, why do I remember

granny’s smell, with a fondness that brings tears to my eyes,

when this woman isn’t wearing Chanel number 5?

It’s almost as if a hand reached down from heaven and stroked my hair, leaving a faint smell

I like to believe that Granny is with me as I go through my day,

and this encounter gave me such joy, knowing that she’s always there,

watching over me, even in moments of despair

She was well named; Ann or Nancy, meaning grace,

and today she brought joy and peace, in Winfred

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