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Falling Asleep

We come, we go;

that’s a fact ,that

no matter how we try, we

can’t deny the frailty of

our existence in this

life we live.

We plan and scheme, thinking

we will live forever, and

somehow avoid

the inevitable. If we’re lucky,

we’ll leave behind good

memories for our adult children.

Meanwhile, the cards

and flowers surround

the bereaved, as they ask,

‘Why was she taken

away so soon? We need her here,

to love her, and be loved by her.’

They are left to mourn her

departure from this world.

At peace, her fight is over.

The next generation picks

up the family baton and

runs with it.

Rest in peace Linda

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2021. jan. 30.

What can I say? so insightful and moving 😟

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