Feeling Weary and Heavy Laden

Come ye, all who are weary and laden

It’s time for church and time for giving

All you can give, more. and then more

And then for the poor, there’s a box at the door

Count your blessings and all that you have

And give ten percent to the man dressed in black

What’s that you say? No need to be rude

If you want your kids christened, then you’d better be good

What do you you mean that you canny afford

Ten percent of your money that is owed to the Lord?

Just a wee minute we’re free from the Law

You can’t have it both ways indeed not at all

Do we walk a few steps on the Sabbath day?

leave the car at home, cos it gets in the way

Of observing the Torah, are we really saved?

Money won’t save you, only God’s grace

Which was given freely, at great cost, to give us a place

In the throne room of heaven, seeing Him face to face

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