Gaslighting at its Finest (AKA at its most vile)

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

It’s that time again-shirt and trousers donned;

I’ll go in and do my best, try to be a helpful one.

Making sure the public is safe-

in our hands- though they don’t see the faces

that strive to achieve the best outcome,

for the elderly man or the worried mum.

The beauty of the NHS, free at the point of delivery-

it endeavours not to discriminate or berate

the weak, the poor and the often oppressed.

Foreign visitors think it’s the best

But resources are tight, demographics predicted

a shortage of nurses, but nobody listened.

We’ve reached that critical time when the last of the boomers

retire to pick up their NHS pension and come back as part timers.

Brexit! That utopia we were promised, means the foreign workers

have gone home, where they know that they’re wanted .

BoJo, Lord Snooty and all of their cronies have used Covid

to hide from the people, their primary motive.

Transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich-

gaslighting parliament with not even a twitch

of remorse or embarrassment, it makes the blood boil;

what makes it worse, is the media ignore,

instead reporting on England’s win and Larry the cat.

Grow a pair-tell the people where we are at.


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