Has he gone yet?

The demise of spaffer is a long haul;

he doesn’t want to go at all.

No longer in number ten,

he can’t accept he’s a has been.

Squatting at Chequers with all his pals,

arranging titles to give them all.

He has no decorum, not a bit; in

fact he’s a candy floss piece of shit.

He’s made us the laughing stock of the world,

while he partied and danced, breaking the rules.

He’ll be remembered, of that I am sure-

for lying and cheating, and so much more.

He’s currently under investigation-

he lied to the house, to the rest of the nation.

Yet he still has a fan club of sycophants

who want him back, to fulfil their plans.

Let the bodies pile high, he cried-

the people who matter will not die.

The rich, the powerful are important to me;

while the peasants die, we’ll do as we please.

The ones in power look after their own

and occasionally throw the dog a bone.

The dog, being us who pay our taxes-

the tories are a Bunch of selfish bastards.


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