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Here Comes Charlie

With his big moustache and baldy heid

His big long nails he’s a sight indeed

He disnae teach Shakespeare, but the modern ones

Miller, Salinger and other sons of a gun

He introduced me to many authors

All men I’m afraid, nobody’s daughter

He was a wonderful teacher, who knew his stuff

And when I dogged school, he called my bluff

Whit the hell is this, my father shouted

Charlie’s letter, I’d been outed

Next day in school, he didn’t crack a light

Cos that was his way, hoping I just might

Pursue my studies with gusto and vigour

Come to his classes, and deliver

The top notch stories he wanted from me

And not stay at home, just drinking coffee

I heard he got married for a second time

From what I heard it suited him fine

But sadly this happiness was taken from him

When his heart stopped beating RIP Charlie Jackson

Charlie was a fabulous teacher, loved by all the students he taught. I never did apply myself as much I could’ve. But now at sixty, I am making up for lost time. And that passion he gave me for literature has never left me. If I ever get published, he will get a mention.

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