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How I would paint lockdown

Empty streets and empty buses

Home schooling the kids, tense parents

The elderly sitting alone, no hugs

Skinned elbows from saying hello

Fever, flushes and fatigue

Can’t come to work today

Kid has a cough, can’t come to work today

Negative test; wife has a fever, no work today

Colourful masks; cast aside on the street

Lying next to the discarded latex gloves

Body swerving strangers in the street; you never know.

Mr Rona might be with them

Missing loved ones, living alone

Telly blaring and kettle boiling

Teeth rotting with eating chocolate

And the dentist is closed, unless you go private.

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EL Johnston
EL Johnston

That picture is literally a cartoon of Deirdre Barlow in jail. I love it.


Janette McGlynn
Janette McGlynn

All very true Mary

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