I’m No Telling Ye Again

It’s 11pm and he’s not home yet

Will she lock the door, or will she get

A slap on the mouth or worse a punch

He’ll say it’s because he hated his lunch

That she made for him before he got up

To get ready for work; his pal picked him up

Life and soul, with all his pals

Having fun with another gal

His kids sit around, waiting for him to come home

The wife tries to calm them, lets them play with her phone

And when he comes in, they’re too frightened to speak

Cos he’s drunk as a skunk with no shoes on his feet

“Some bastard took them while I slept on the bus

It’s your fault ya bitch for not picking me up”

They all sat in silence, as he ate his chippy

They hadn’t had dinner cause he was supposed tae

Come hame straight fae work with all the money

So ma could buy dinner for her three little honeys

But no, bookies first, then the pub

Then some woman’s hoose to have some fun “Look at the state o’ ye, ya ugly bitch

Nae wonder I look for fun in another man’s ditch

I’m no telling ye again, you better lose some weight

“Get rid o’ that fat arse, or I’m gonna break

Yer jaw into pieces so ye canny eat

any more of those sweeties for at least a week”

“I don’t know what I ever seen in you

I should had picked the lassie dressed in blue”

When I met you at the Barrowland

And I asked darling, dae want ye tae dance?”

Eventually the bastard falls asleep on the couch

They look at him, wishing they knew a way out

The wife takes the weans and gets ready to leave

Calls Women’s Aid, “Can you help me please”

Within an hour someone arrives in a car

To take them to safety, leaving the door ajar

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