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It's Time to Leave

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Ted has worked there for over ten years. The job was a godsend at the time, with his marriage breaking up, and needing more money to stay afloat. He enjoyed the challenge of the problem solving aspect of his job, and in the finished product, knowing that the product made everyday life much simpler for people. I mean, how would their car start, or their mobile phones, without these silicon chips that the factory produces? Ted gives it all to make sure that his part of the jigsaw of the factory functioned as near to perfection as he could possibly achieve. The only thing was, he felt undervalued.

A couple of years ago, Ted was asked to change departments, as his expertise was required in the research and development section of the factory. Reluctantly, he agreed, on the condition that he would not suffer financially. He was reassured that his salary would remain the same, but, come next quarter month, he noticed that he had lost his bonus. When he asked about it, Ted was advised that his salary was unchanged, but he no longer worked shifts and therefore he was no longer entitled to the bonus. He felt completely shafted by the management. If he had known this, he would’ve stayed where he was.

Ted was lonely, although his adult son stayed with him. He didn’t see life changing at all, and he couldn’t imagine things getting any better. Then, one day he posted a message on his old school’s page, asking if anyone knew about an old friend that he had lost contact with. He received a few replies, but not from the friend. And then, a message from a woman that he knew from school, asking how he was. Well, one thing led to another, and Sandy visited him with her daughter as they were going down his way for an ice hockey game. The friendship progressed into a romance, and Ted’s life was all of a sudden completely different. No more nights feeling that life was pointless, but instead planning a future with Sandy.

And that job? Well, he’s still there, but only for a few more months. He is moving back to his home town, to a new job and to plan the rest of his life with his new found love. When he resigns, he will give positive feedback to his manager; it’s unwise to burn bridges. After all, what if he hadn’t posted that message eighteen months ago?

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