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It Should’ve Been Me This exercise is to invent two characters who are competing for a promotion.

June and Sandra are colleagues at a local hospital. A promoted post was advertised, and they both applied. Both had applied for previous positions, and been unsuccessful. The person who would have the final word on who got the post was quite an unsavoury character, who had the memory of an elephant and carried grudges.

June was the least experienced of the two, with less than three years experience in her current post, whereas Sandra had a wider scope of experience under her belt. She also has experience in training new staff, which is invaluable in knowledge of the IT system and supporting staff when they require development plans.

June-I feel that I am ready for a new challenge, and my current post has prepared me for the responsibility of this promotion. Sandra has been here since day one, and she is very set in her ways, which I believe might be challenging, should she be required to investigate or discipline a previous colleague. The fact that I am not too established is a plus, should I be successful in my application. My previous work experience isn’t as varied as Sandra, but what I lack in experience, I possess in my ability to learn quickly. Can I also add that I can be less bias than Sandra, as she has many friends who are in the same skill set as us?

I have no difficulty in addressing challenging behaviour of staff, as my track record has shown, and I don’t feel the need to be ‘liked’ by everyone. This would allow me to not take things too personally, or worry about upsetting others when I have to make a tough decision.

Sandra- I believe that my wide experience, in my current post, and previous posts, have equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge required to undertake the responsibility of a senior post. I know my colleagues well, and I understand each individual’s strengths and areas for development. This will enable me to facilitate their personal development, in ways that benefit both the individual and the organisation.

I am a team player and I appreciate the importance of having good interpersonal skills, when planning and delegating work. June really doesn’t care about anyone but herself; this is evident in how she treats the men in her life, not that I am judging her. June is all about June. She doesn’t see that getting staff on board is essential to effecting change in a seamless fashion. In other words, she is a bitch.

Sandra-June got the job-She is a bitch, and I would’ve been better for the post in many ways.

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