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Just Play The Game Pal

Read the processes, follow the rules

Don't try to take your boss for a fool.

Cos if you do and get it wrong,

you won't be working here for long.

You're serving the wonderful Scottish nation

If they're kept waiting, they get impatient.

What do you mean, I can't get seen?

You wouldn't talk like that to the queen

and I'm the sucker paying my taxes

working hard, while she relaxes

at Sandringham, Windsor or Buckingham palace

Excuse me sir, you're being abusive

Although you're sore, don't make excuses

or blame the queen for your sore head

Take some paracetamol and go to your bed

It'll all seem better in the morning

When you wake to find that your headaches gone

What is the moral of this ryhme you ask

If the medicines awful, swallow it fast

Eat plenty of fruit, drink lots of water

and educate your sons and daughters

to look after their body, mouth and mind

when speaking to others always be kind

You've only one body, look after it well

Listen to the experts and do as you're telt!

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