Just tell the Truth

‘I know that you took the bloody money, just admit it,’ Emily shouted.

Bill answered, ‘I certainly did not steal from you. I needed extra money for the shopping.’

Bill was getting fed up with this argument. Okay, he withdrew some money from her bank account, to go for a drink. She had loads of cash in it anyway. Bill didn’t believe that all of this money was necessary to pay all of the bills. She was just being stingy. He didn’t see the big deal; after all, he’d been decorating for a few hours, while she sat on her arse on night duty . What’s wrong with having a drink after working hard?

An outsider could see the injustice of this; Emily out working night duty and Bill taking money from her account, without asking her, and then denying it. Bill resorted to calling Emily a bully, when he eventually owned up to taking the money.

Emily slept in her daughter’s bed for the weekend, and she could barely even look at Bill. Eventually, he admitted his misdemeanour and apologised, promising that he would never do this again. He didn’t get the chance; he merely started sneaking the odd fiver out of her purse whenever he had the opportunity. He believed that he was just as entitled to spend this money, as she was.

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