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Kindness costs Nothing

I like to have a plan that I can follow

Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow.

A plan that shows me what’s in place

for the ones I love and to see their faces

light up when it all works out

And they are happy, joyful and have no doubt

As to what they want, how to get it and keep it,

In the full knowledge that nothing lasts forever.

A lifetime is but the blink of an eye;

unfortunately one day we’ll die

But that is not to say we get depressed

but live our lives, doing the best

we can to help others who are less fortunate

because of misfortune and have become desperate

A kind word, or anonymous gift will cheer the weariest heart,

giving them hope that they can have a new start.

So when you see that homeless man, stop and chat if you can.

He may seem distant and unwilling to engage

but for years he has been merely a face

in the crowd of people who have nothing

Abused, unloved and sometimes unseen, except to be told to move on.

So when you feel the urge to be cruel, remember the golden rule.

Do it for yourself, it’ll make you feel good,

buying the homeless some nice hot food.

Don’t worry that they cannot pay you back

It’s someone’s brother, daughter or dad.

There but for the grace of God goes you or I,

Sleeping under the open sky, in winter, spring, summer or fall

Be kind, be gentle and remember always to be thankful.

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