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Life in the Fast Lane

Chase the dollar, the euro, the pound.

Money's your god and you cannot be found

when your child needs their mummy or daddy

cos they're out on the ran dan, leaving gran with the baby

Dinner dances, formal wear, make up on, rollers out of her hair

Her earrings are sparkling and and her evening gown red

Her husband is lying in another man's bed,

making love to a woman who is not his wife

He thinks he can do whatever he likes

Because he has money and and just says, 'Name the price'

And along comes March 2020, the Covid and lockdown

He loses his money cos the shops are not open

He can't sell cars, or make a fast buck

by selling his shares, cos they've all gone to fuck

down the tubes, up the spout, and his car has broke down

He goes home to his wife and she's wearing a frown

'I'm taking the kids and I'm leaving you mate.'

'My taxi is coming at quarter to eight.'

She's sold the house, quit her job, to start over again

In a place far away with the kids and her new man (who is filthy rich)

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