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Living life

Living life

Looking out the window, from the upstairs room,

I think to myself that life ends too soon

It’s too short for quarrels with those that you love,

or for hurting the people that you come across

As you sojourn through life with with your hopes and desires,

remember that others have ambitions to which they aspire

If you don’t achieve all that you’ve hoped for,

maybe your plan wasn’t fireproof, it’s no-one’s fault.

I believe it is good to plan;

remember that you can do what you can,

and still miss out to another person

who was better prepared-take it as a lesson

Be happy for others when they find success;

what you send out comes back to you more or less

Bitterness, anger and resentments take their toll

on the bones and the soul;

Send out out love and kindness to everyone;

you’ll be surprised by the outcomes, maybe even have some fun

Be authentic, genuine and empathetic, but keep your boundaries,

watching what people do, not what they say-address any quandary,

as not all you meet have your best interests at heart;

detach gently without malice, before you depart

It won’t be plain sailing and you’ll still get hurt

by maleficent people who’re out for all they can get.

A gentle spirit can turn away wrath;

keep your cool with all who come across your path

That hurting creature who has been tossed around

by supposed love ones, left lying on the ground

will remember a kind word or a helping hand

and support until they are able to stand

on their own two feet-you never know,

one day they’ll help you when you feel low

To sum it all up, live and let live,

don’t always take, it’s good to give

with no expectation of getting anything back;

it’ll come to you when you feel lack

Lack of money, friends or love,

the help that you need will come from above

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