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Loo number two

I struggle with change, it’s true,

and although we’ll have a second loo

once the builders have finished,

at the moment I feel as if I’m being punished

Okay, it was what I wanted, a loo downstairs,

but this chaos is driving me to despair

I didn’t think it would take so much effort

even before the builders started to work

Picking tiles, a shower, toilet and basin

has made me unable to imagine or reason

how good it will all be in the end,

especially for visiting family or friends

The luxury of a shit, a shower and a song,

without the chorus of ‘Will you be long?’

is keeping me from cancelling the show

that starts in two days, and we’re ready to go

So if I look stressed and sound out of tune,

it’s the stress of obtaining a second loo

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