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KPIs, PDPs and revalidation are all required for registration;

is it conduct, or capability to get rid of this liability?

Managers needed to plan ahead creating spreadsheets, just incase

we forget anything; fill the gaps, flexible staff, flexible working.

Let's save money; regrade and reallocate the jobs, make them lower paid.

Less qualified prioritising how things get done, not realising

years of experience can't be measured by spreadsheets.

Disempowering people doesn't make them accountable.

Flat hierarchy is an oxymoron, used to create an

illusion of we're in it together, while behind the scenes,

the mandarins are conspiring finding ways and means

to keep control and minimise the flow of information,

keep it on a need to know basis. Follow the scripting, do as you're told

or there's a price to pay, if you choose to be bold, and question

the decisions that impact your job. Ticking boxes

doesn't safeguard the public, only the organisation.

So we play the game, do as we're told-until one can

compromise no more. We say no; the ranks close

and things get murky. Investigated, disciplined,

final warning for being accountable and not conforming.

People matter, everyone-customers and staff.

Transparency and kindness go a long way

to help individuals reach their potential.

Replace that with with more rules at your peril.

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