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Mary the fox

Slight build, with a touch of red in her hair,

she dodges the bullies at school. Life’s easier

that way; but is it? Worrying who’s around

the next corner isn’t good for Mary’s health.

Hyper alert and always ready to run,

should the need arise.

The bullies are in her class; they

copy her work and call her a swot.

Faced with this, she decides to

change seats, get away from them.

She thought it would end there;

that was just the start

They called themselves the secret seven;

the leader said nothing, except to goad

the others into fighting Mary the fox.

With no way out the fox will fight to

justify it’s right to life.

And so it was, the fox fought back

She was glad when her school days were over

and she no longer had the bother

of bullies in class to mark her card and

spoil the fun of working hard.

But she learned it doesn’t end at school; young

bullies become adult bullies, that for sure

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