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Mary the hedgehog

Mary the hedgehog- a peculiar creature;

shy and worried every time you meet her.

Prickly at times, sometimes hitting

the bigger girls if they try to bully her.

She spends too much time in the library,

devouring three books over a few days

Mary is different from her two siblings;

two brothers who are very mischievous.

Mary, at times is rather pious;

Sunday school is like the hedgehog’s prickles-

Mary’s safe place. She loves her teacher,

Miss Mathieson who is there for her.

She often brings her books to read;

she’s the mother Mary never had.

Her mum is always busy at home,

with her brothers and her dad.

Could Mary have been given

to the wrong mother,

when she was born?

But she looks so like her mum.

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