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Matters of the Heart

I sit at the window, pondering;

what makes the eyes go wandering?

He looked so lost, as he told me

that he knows of her infidelity.

How long has it been the case,

that she lied right to his face?

He doubts himself, feels like shit;

there is no excuse for it.

Seventeen years he’s given her; two trips

to Australia, and also his heart.

His heart is empty, but full of sorrow; for

her he would’ve begged, stole or borrowed.

What once seemed the norm, is a memory lost;

his heart is broken, at enormous cost.

Eyes overflowing with anger and grief;

Despite this, his heart continues to beat.

His face once laughing now looks sad ,as he

thinks of the love that he thought he had.

This woman, betrayer of all that they shared,

has left his heart in need of repair

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