Mums and Teachers

It’s the best job in the world, even in hard times

When your child is unhappy, there’s always a sign

Quieter than usual or shouting out loud

You’ll always know when they’re under a cloud

Bullied at school, or breaking the rules?

There’s a note in the schoolbag, they’re playing it cool

But the younger one shouts, she’s been in trouble

The elder looks innocent and starts to bubble

‘It wasn’t me mum, I promise

It was that bitch Jenna, she’s really horrid

She threw a bit paper at the teacher

And blamed it on me cos I was nearer

I was sent out the class for being naughty

With one hundred lines, saying I won’t be haughty’

When I saw the teacher, I raised my concern

that my girl has being bullied for most of the term

It was addressed by the head in her usual way

to avoid making things worse, at the end of the day

When I saw this wee lassie, I wanted to say

‘Ya little bitch,’ but I just walked away

For I knew it would worsen for my little girl

Who still had to go every day to school

I wouldn’t’ be a teacher for a million pounds

I don’t have the patience enough to go round

So hats off to teachers, they’re super heroes

Who treasure our children when we’re not with them

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