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Never get a tattoo

Things ma da telt me

As he sat, bare chested, sporting several tattoos,

he says, never get a tattoo, yer too easily identified

Now this was in the 70s, long before the internet

and mobile phones wi cameras-they wurnae here yet

I suppose he was picked from an id parade

for some GBH that he solemnly declared

wisnae him; the Andy and Flo tattoos gave him away,

I mean, who puts that oan their airms? Although I didnae say

that tae his face, cos I loved ma da, and he’d’ve slappped ma face

Another quip from him wis, if yer lucky, you’ll only marry once;

didnae stop him fae hiving his flings on the side, wi other burds

He was a bit of a Lothario, if the truth be told;

I’da called him a bastard if I had been so bold,

but he wis ma da, and he did his best

tae bring home the bacon, when he wisnae pissed.

Only a lad when he met ma maw, married too young;

they didnae hiv time tae huv any fun

So she stayed at home wi the three weans,

while he’s at the pub, playing gambling games

Thursday nights were the worst at home-

french toast and porridge to fill the hole

that should’ve been filled wi decent food,

but naw, he had tae prove he wis king ae the hood

As we drove to the hospital for the last time,

he told me I was a good driver, I was doing fine

I was there as he took his final breath;

after fifteen years I can still see the bed

where he lay pain free, and asleep,

as I asked God his soul to keep

Keep me a seat da, beside you and ma maw,

ma grannies and everyone else that I know

in the place where no one cries or feels pain;

one day we will all be together again

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