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Ode to Del Boy

Just before Christmas you came

With a loud cry, and then you were hame

Bouncing little baby boy

Filled your parents hearts with joy

You were always a little cracker

Grew up to be full of the patter

It wasn’t me, do you think I’m daft?

Steal his shit, you’re having a laugh

He’d do me, in aye he would

He’d cut my throat, if only he could

catch me, but that’s not happening

I’m leaving for Blackpool in the morning

The phone call came, at 4 in the morning

Del boy’s dead, said the copper calling

He didn’t turn up for the fireworks

His bird thought, ‘the bastard’s stood us up.’

We all got together to say farewell

And shed tears over the boy called Del

Dedicated to my cousin, Derek Buchanan, always remembered

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