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Peers, Careers and Cavaliers

Teamwork is paramount in all occupations;

nursing differs from most, in one respect.

The patient is of paramount importance,

and woe is the nurse who dares to forget.

The occasional nurse has faced the fate, of

being reported by a concerned workmate.

Neglect or cruelty not allowed to prevail;

oh no, that ship has sailed

In all occupations, apart from nursing,

staff stand together, even when it’s hurting.

The code of conduct guides us wisely,

and protects the public from unsafe practice.

The best part is-managers are nurses too;

they’re not exempt from keeping the rules.

If only this mattered in matters of state,

and they didn’t give special favours to mates.

The Nolan principles are how we measure the

integrity and honesty of our prime minister.

His accountability is non existent-

and his leadership style is inconsistent.

Openness is not one his attributes,

and his only objective is how to put

tax payers money in the the hands of his friends;

hand out peerages-the list never ends.

Soundbites, vague uttering of Wa, Wa, Wa

when asked a question about things that matter.

He’s a charlatan, a buffoon but soon the water

will be up to his neck-then he’s struggle and splutter.

How far can this man be allowed to go

before the backbenchers shout he has to go?

And not just him-Lord Snooty et al;

bring back some consensus that’s common to all.


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