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Pishy Rishi: a perspective

It’s for your own good, I’ve got a plan

to make things better and try to to fan

out the flames of inflation in our nation

You’ve had it too good over the years;

low interest rates, but here’s the thing,

my mates are complaining of low margins

for their bonds and savings;

someone has to pay for their cravings

You know, things like a bigger boat or plane;

why shouldn’t their life stay the same?

And so the deal was signed and sealed

to ensure my cronies have a greater yield;

high interest rates will satisfy

A few of you will cry,

and lose your homes, but do not worry

we’ll buy them at auction, make lots of money

We won’t evict you, oh no that’s not the plan;

we’ll charge you rent, steal your dreams

of a life worth living, if you know what I mean.

The establishment has a history of doing this,

every fifty years or so. So just in case

the workers think that they’re entitled to live,

not just exist, the rule is, the establishment takes and you give

It’s been this way for hundreds of years

We won’t change, so dry your tears,

and work your fingers to the bone

to pay the rent for your former home

the home we bought for a song

when you could no longer carry on

Minimum wage, work till you drop, or die from exhaustion

Be grateful when we throw you a tiny wee portion

of the crumbs from our table we would throw in the bin

Knock on the door, and we might let you in, to clean up our mess,

pay our way through the high interest accrued on your credit card

It’ll all get better, if you work very hard.

To sum it all up, we’re important, you’re not not.

We’re rich, you’re poor, just be happy with your lot.

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