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Pot and Kettle

Living and working in London is the best! I mean, the music scene in Glasgow is practically non existent, and the jobs are all in London. It’s that time of the year again, nearly Christmas; presents are ordered, first class train ticket booked, and I’ve finished packing. Mum isn’t working Christmas this year, so dinner there and boxing day with dad (it’s been like that since they separated twenty five years ago).

I’ll take up my cross stitching set with me; this time I will finish it and frame it (he, he!). It would be a wee extra gift for mum on Christmas Day, and I know it will be a surprise, as I’ve never completed one yet.

I don’t know how long I’ll stay this time, as I’m working from home during lockdown. I hope I get peace and quiet to work, especially when I’m on calls to clients. I mean, they just don’t appreciate how important it is for me to be able to speak without any interruptions. And then there’s bed time. I sleep early, and I am easily disturbed. Mum is a night owl, watching TV till all hours, and talking in her very loud voice on the phone. She can be so inconsiderate at times. I would never think of disturbing her when I’m up early, except to ask her if she wants breakfast, around 8am. I mean, what's her problem?

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