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Prize Giving

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I was ten years old and it was prize giving at school.

I had passed the cycling proficiency at school, followed all the rules.

I was sitting in the choir when I was called up to receive my badge

from the headteacher who said something about being glad

that I had taken time to sit and pas the test.

As she pinned it on me, I heard Pssss.

Boys are horrible.

The Culprit

Her name was called out by the head teacher.

She was sitting in the choir section and I could see her

hesitate as she stood, shy as she was.

As the badge was pinned on her clothes,

I whispered the sound of a tyre going down.

She blushed, turned around and gave me a frown.

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Jan 16, 2021

Knew were good at cycling 😁

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