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Repose de la nuit (19th January 2023)

She lies, draped in silk, perfect hair.

Eyes closed, unaware that people

stare at her beauty and flair,

fast asleep, without a care.

Mirror mirror, you’re getting old

forty four years ago you were sold

to a young woman, who wanted

to bless her mother with the perfect gift.

In the archway, she can be viewed

dreaming away in that world so pure.

The world of perfection and unbroken sleep,

instead of one where children weep.

No sorrow, no carnage or sense of duty;

only restful repose and everlasting beauty.

Forever her beauty will give me pleasure

and remind me that there is indeed a heaven.

A place where no one ever cries

when they leave this world with a last goodbye.

This mirror now hangs on the feature wall;

she does’t seem to notice at all

that her owner has gone to her forever home

and will stay with me till it’s time for me to be gone.

I hope that whoever is blessed to next own her

will enjoy her beauty and remember to clean her .

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