Summer 2021-A Whiteinch Tale

The garden’s looking good; a new hydrangea in place

Gazebo and parasol to safe my ageing skin, just in case.

The sun is beating down on all that moves and lives;

my heart and soul cry out with joy to hear the birds.

The little one will soon set out into the world;

despite her reticence, she plans with other girls,

a place to live, eat and sleep-visas and courses-

she really will be going at the end of August.

My nest will be empty for the first time ever;

but it is true-daughters never leave you.

Phone calls and texts-face time of course-

when money is short-look in mummy’s purse.

I’m not complaining; always happy to help-

after all, they didn’t ask to be born; how

long is a piece of string, before it comes to an end?

Worrying about them sometimes drives me round the bend.

As I sit here writing, I realise-the blessing is giving-

I’ll continue to give as long as I’m living.


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