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Taking it Easy

Last night I was full of good intentions, to get up early, exercise and study. Well, after two prompts from my lovely daughter Sarah, I eventually surfaced after 11:30am. My sleep was disturbed by this cough, which has persisted since the 'Rona' visited me on 19th October.

A walk in the park blew away the cobwebs, and feeding the ducks, swans and grebes helped me to put things in perspective.

The birds eat when there's food available, and at the moment there is an abundance of that, as people rediscover the parks during lockdown. When the seeds and nuts are gone, they relax and wait for the next person to lure them with food. I sometimes expect too much of myself, and I often feel guilty when I am too tired to study or clean the house. I will try to take it easy, resting when I feel drained, and study when I can.

As the saying goes, 'Easy does it, but do it!' My mind still thinks like a twenty year old, but my sixty year old body goes on strike from time to time. Self love allows me to accept my imperfections and limitations, and rejoice in my victories. A pause for thought is useful in difficult situations, where the decision you might make, or action you might take, will have long lasting consequences.

Today, life is good, despite the tiredness and this lockdown. For me personally, it has been an opportunity to take stock of my life, and what is really important. I intend to enjoy every moment I have; my loved ones and friends are so important to me. So, to all of my family and friends, 'You are special', don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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