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The Boomer

Get out of bed you lazy bitch

Tutorial time, you'd better be quick

Eat your breakfast with the mike on mute

Or they'll think you're just a primitive brute

As you sip and slurp, eat your well done toast

There's one or two people who are talking the most

They're the confident ones, who like to speak

Just listening to their comments makes me feel weak

They're better than me at speaking up

Giving answers to teacher while I drink from my cup

This online teaching is driving me crazy

I like to see faces and maybe we

could meet after class for a cup of tea

I'm a boomer my youngest always says

but I tell her I'm just set in my ways.

She sets up my lap top, tv and phone

Don't know how I'll cope when she leaves home

I'll just need to schedule my visits to her

When I get a new phone, to make sure that it works

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