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The Fitness fanatic

Julie goes to the health club every morning, before work. She arrives at 7am sharp, first in the gym, then a swim, before her working day starts. This particular morning, Julie was wondering what exercise she should plan after her netball class at 6pm. The running club starts at 730pm and she decided she would go. Julie texted her partner to ask her to bring her running gear to her work for her. Julie’s partner Helen was beginning to feel that all this exercise was getting in the way of them having time as a couple.

Julie used to be clinically obese, and her GP advised her to look at her diet and exercise, with a view to losing weight. Julie reached her target weight several months ago, but feels the compulsion to continue eating ‘smart foods’ and exercising at least 3 hours each day.

Her new friends at the gym are always complimenting Julie on her weight loss and fitness. She prefers being at the gym to sitting at home relaxing. Helen is becoming increasingly impatient; Julie has declined invites to weddings and other events, as it gets in the way of her exercise. She doesn’t notice that Helen is unhappy; I mean, Julie has never looked so good, what’s the problem?

A few weeks later, Julie arrives home at 9pm from her various classes. She wonders what Helen has made for dinner, hoping that it is not too fattening. As she opens the from door, and shouts hello, she notices that Helen’s coat and boots aren’t there. She goes to the bedroom to change, to find Helen’s wardrobe open and empty. Julie decides to do some yoga before bed.

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