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The Gazebo Affair

It started with a drive to Inverness;

daughter number one lives there.

Armed with flowers and pressies we appeared,

to be told, 'You can't come in here.

Led out to the garden and there we saw-

the gazebo, with socially distanced seating;

lots of throws provided to keep us warm.

We ate and laughed-our teeth chittering

I had a comfy chair with cushions,

but this was really pushing my buttons.

The neighbours were alerted to our arrival,

as if, on it depended their survival.

Looking back it wasn't so bad;

she served the best burgers we've ever had.

The mugs of tea just kept on coming;

it put some warmth in my tummy.

I'll see her on Friday, when the rules allow

her to travel and see her mammy in Glasgow.

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